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Get Started with The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for your interest in The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce and the small business imperative.  

The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce™ was founded to restore the vibrancy, innovation, profitability and community strength of America's small businesses. Main Street America is desperately in need of business leaders who care about our families and our communities, and who will grow businesses in our neighborhoods restoring economic vibrancy and community vitality. Small business owners care about their workers and their communities.

We know how families are impacted by jobs sent overseas, and feel the frustration every day as consumer demand stagnates, unemployment grows, and capital readily available for business lending is held aside exclusively for our big-business competitors.

To get America moving again, we are focusing on building a climate in which small businesses can thrive.

To get started with the ASBCC, please consider the following steps:
  • Learn about our very specific viewpoint and the role of small business in our economy.
  • Explore our upcoming meetings and events -- register for a meeting and get acquainted with our leadership and other members.
  • Take our site tour.  The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce web portal and online community is very powerful.  Through our site tour, you'll learn how to showcase your business, join and take advantage of our many interest groups (regions/networks/groups), access key information and contacts as well as resources and tools to power your business growth.
  • Join The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce and become part of our national force fueling the growth of America's proud and strong small businesses.
  • Join the regions - networks - groups that are appropriate for your firm.  By joining these groups you get connected to other members, receive regular updates that match your interest and become an integral part of our community.
Need assistance?  Have a question?  Please contact us -- our support team stands ready to assist you.